About AOP

The Armagh Observatory was established in 1790 by Archbishop Richard Robinson.  It is the oldest scientific institution in Northern Ireland and the longest continuously operating astronomical research institute in the United Kingdom and Ireland.   The Armagh Planetarium was founded in 1968 by Dr Eric Lindsay, the seventh Director of the Armagh Observatory.  It is the oldest operating Planetarium in the UK and Ireland, celebrating 50 years in operation on 1 May 2018 as the public face of space and astronomy in Northern Ireland.

Armagh Observatory and Planetarium is sited in a heritage environment with a rich scientific history at the forefront of astronomy.  Now unified as a single organisation, the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium (AOP) delivers internationally-recognised research in astronomy and related sciences and vibrant educational and outreach programmes for all ages.

Our Staff

Senior Management Team

Professor Michael Burton, Director and Chief Executive

Dr Marc Sarzi, Head of Research

Carol Corvan, Head of Corporate Services

Leonard Knox, Head of Finance and Income Generation

Sinead Mackle, Education and Outreach Manager

Corporate Team

Lynne Brown, Corporate Manager

Aileen McKee, Executive Officer

Shane Kelly, Estates and Meteorological Officer

Anne Bittle, Executive Officer

Lisa O’Neill, Corporate Policy & HR Officer

Ceara Ryan, Accountant

Victoria Knox, Finance and Administrative Officer

Ciaran Magee, ICT Manager

Shóna Gavin, ICT Officer

Matthew McMahon, Museum Collections Officer

Shea Agnew, Grounds Assistant

Education Team

Martina Glass, Operations Manager

Helen McLoughlin, Operations Manager

Heather Alexander, Senior Education Officer (Creative & Tourism)

Nick Parke, Education Officer

Anna Taylor, Education Officer

Rok Nezic, Tours and Outreach Officer

Mark Grimley, Education Assistant

Lovisa Redpath, Education Assistant

Kerem Cubuk, Education Assistant

Dympna McNally, Receptionist


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