Diversity Mark

The Diversity Mark accreditation is the ‘Mark of Progress’ that allows an organisation to demonstrate to employees and others your commitment to creating an inclusive & diverse workplace through accreditation, insights, best practice and peer support.

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AOP was first awarded Bronze in August 2022 and following reassessment in August 2023 has retained the Bronze Award for a further 12 months.  This is the first stage and it recognises commitment to advancing Gender Diversity.

We have set 3 Diversity Targets:

  • Develop an Equality, diversity & Inclusion strategy
  • Increase the number of female researchers
  • Increase female representation on the AOP Management Committee

Everyone’s journey begins with Bronze and this accreditation recognises commitment to advancing Gender Diversity.  As a business progresses, you can achieve the Silver and Gold accreditations. Organisations must submit annual progress reports with a full assessment each year.

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