Our portable dome and projector allows for the magic of space exploration to come to your location. A member of our Education Team will guide you through the cosmos in this unique outreach experience.

Enter into our portable dome projection system and explore the wonders of space in your very own venue. Our inflatable dome allows up to 30 students to sit down, relax and look up at the stars. We offer a mix of both live and animated elements in our presentations, were we strive to engage and excite audiences.

We cater for both schools and festivals and have travelled to many locations across the island of Ireland. Session times can be tailored to your specifications with content for a wide range of ages.

Dimensions of the inflatable dome are: diameter=25 feet (7.6 metres), height=13ft (4.0 m), with an entrance height of 8ft (2.4 m). Ideal location is in a large quiet area such as a gym or an assembly hall, with 25ft x 25 ft (7.6 m x 7.6 m) of floor space available and a ceiling at least 13ft (4.0 m) in height.

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