11th sdOB Conference

 We are pleased to announce that the 11th international conference on Hot Subdwarf Stars and Related Objects will be held at AOP on

                            2023 September 11 – 15

On the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram subluminous O and B stars lie below the massive O and B stars on the upper main sequence, and above the upper (young) end of the white dwarf sequence. They are all evolved stars, mostly about half a solar mass, mostly converting helium to carbon in their cores, and mostly “stripped” of their hydrogen outer layers. Most have previously finished hydrogen-burning and become red giants, where a nearby companion star has removed their outer layers. Despite this general picture, there are many, many, other star histories that could make hot subdwarfs of different types, either as the product of a collision between two white dwarfs, as the remnant of a star that failed to become a red giant, or by means as yet unknown. The world’s largest telescopes including ESO’s VLT and SALT, and spacecraft including Gaia, Kepler and TESS are transforming our view of these often exotic stars, revealing peculiar surface chemistries, remarkable binary orbits and puzzling pulsation properties. sdOB11 will provide an opportunity to share latest progress and address unsolved problems.

Topic Include:

• The origin and evolution of hot subdwarf stars : standard and alternative pathways
• Substellar and planetary companions to hot subdwarf stars
• Hot subdwarfs in the field, clusters, and galaxies
• Impact of large surveys and hot subdwarf population studies
• Atmospheric properties of hot subdwarf stars
• Hot subdwarfs in binary and multiple star systems
• Pulsating hot subdwarfs and asteroseismology
• Hot subdwarfs as laboratories for stellar physics : convection, diffusion, atomic data, tides, mergers, common envelopes
• Links to extremely low mass white dwarfs and other related objects

To indicate your  interest in participating,

please send an email with your name, institute and email address to  sdob11@armagh.ac.uk

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