The Astropark is a scale model of the Universe, brought down to Earth in a beautiful natural setting.

As you journey through the park you will get to interact with a scale model of the Solar System. This model represents two different scales, both the size and distance of the planets. Once you have discovered Neptune, it’s then time to move beyond to our Galaxy.

The Hypercube

The Hypercube explains logarithmic scale and how distances in space are calculated. Venturing out into the Hill of Infinity you will discover distant objects in the Galaxy and further afield. Discover how far the Pole Star is from the Earth, and how far away the Orion Nebula is, until you reach the very edge of the universe.

The Stone Circle

At the top of the Astropark resides the Stone Circle. Stone Circles have been used since the Ancient Times to help track the changing of the seasons. Our Stone Circle will help you see where the Sun rises and sets during the solstices and the equinoxes. A serene setting, with stunning views of Armagh, this is the perfect place to take those atmospheric photographs.

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