Old Weather Readings Videos

Weather Station in 1970s

In the 1970s, the weather station equipment was located on the grass behind the Library, next to the Robinson Memorial Dome (now the location of the Human Orrery).

This is an extract from a video on Armagh Observatory by Terence Murtagh, the director of Armagh Planetarium at that time, taken in the winter of 1973/74, for a pilot of ‘Looking Up’ television programme. The two meteorological observers are Margaret Cherry and Hazel Beesley.

Weather Station in 1990

At this point the weather station equipment has moved to its current location halfway between the Observatory and the Planetarium.

This is an extract from the Ulster Television programme for the Observatory’s bicentenary in 1990. The meteorological observer is Robert Scott, while the Observatory Director at the time, Dr Mart de Groot, also features.

Weather Station in 2001

By 2001, the new sunshine tower was already built, and the weather station set into an enclosure.

This is an extract from BBC NI news broadcast in October 2001. The Meteorological Observer is Shane Kelly.

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