Beaufort’s Weather Codes

Beaufort’s Weather Codes

Sir Francis Beaufort’s personal weather notation and its evolution through the years.

WEATHER NOTATION CODE1806-18071807-18101810-1812 1820-18251826-1832
b.Blue skyBlue skyBlue skyBlue skyBlue sky, clear or turbid atmosphere
c.Clear i.e., definite, sharp horizonDefinite sharp horizon, distant objects clearly visibleBright objects visible from afarClear, transparent atmosphereIndividual passing clouds
ci.Cirrus clouds
cu.Cumulus clouds
d.Dry, warm airMist (damp air)Drizzle, fine rain
da.Damp airDamp air
dk.Dark, close airDark, gloomy weatherDark weatherDark weather but atmosphere clear
dp.Damp air
f.Fine weatherFine weatherFine weatherFoggyFog
f:Dense Fog
g.Dark, gloomy weatherDark, gloomy weatherGloomy weatherDark, gloomy weather
ge.Gloomy weather
gr.Greasy skyGreasy skyGreasy sky
h.HazeHazy weatherHazeHazeHail
hr.Heavy rainHeavy rainHeavy rain
hsh.Heavy showersHeavy showersHeavy showers
hsq.Heavy squallsHeavy squallsHeavy squalls
m.MistMist in valleyMist or hazy atmosphere
o.Overcast. Entire sky covered by thick clouds.
p.Passing cloudPassing cloudPassing cloudPassing cloudPassing shower
q.Squally winds
r.RainRainRainRainRain, continuous
s.SultrySettled weatherStrong squallsSnow
sh.ShowersWeather with ShowersWeather with ShowersShowers
sy.Steady breeze
sr.Light rainLight rainLight rainLight rainLight rain
sq.Squally windSqually windSqually wind
st.Stratus clouds
thr.Threatening skiesThreatening skiesThreatening skies
vr.Violent rain
w.Watery skiesWatery skiesWatery skiesWet, dew

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