Weather Observers & Acknowledgements


The following list shows all observers and deputy observers involved in taking the meteorological readings at Armagh Observatory.This is an evolving document.

1794J.A. Hamilton
1794HamiltonJohn Palmer
1795HamiltonW. Gimingham
1797HamiltonPeter Bradyn
1799HamiltonRobert Hogg
1815W. DavenportHogg
1823T.R. RobinsonHogg
1837RobinsonNeil McN. Edmondson
1854McN. EdmondsonW.R Rambaut
1868J. CallCharles Faris
1880CallFaris (Harriet Butler)
1884J.L.E DreyerFaris
1917FarisTheresa Hardcastle
1919W.F.A EllisonW.H. Espley
1921W.F.A EllisonElizabeth Ellison
1920s/1930s.Mervyn Ellison
1928W.F.A EllisonJ. Reseigh
1937Eric LindsayReseigh
1939LindsayC.J. Pearson
1941LindsayC.W. Jameson
1942LindsayThomas D. Proctor
1944LindsayJ.T. Gillespie
1947Sheelagh T. Grew.
1950s.Brig. Papworth
1963GrewMargaret Cherry
1966GrewCherry / Harry Grossie
1970E. ThomasGrew / Cherry
1973Robert Scott.
1978ScottGrew / Cherry
1992John McFarlandCherry
1992John McGinn.
1995McGinnScott Manley
1997McGinnMcFarland / Cherry / Manley / Regina Aznar
1998McFarlandManley / Aznar / Ferhat Fikri Özeren
1998Shane KellyPilar Montañés Rodríquez
1999KellyTigran Khanzadyan
2001KellyKhanzadyan / Ignacio Ugarte / Amir Ahmad
2003KellyUgarte / Ahmad / B. Ramachandran
2004KellyRamachandran / Chia-Hsien Lin
2009KellyShenghua Yu / Zhenghua Huang
2010KellyYu / Huang / Naslim Neelamkodan / Kamalam Vanninathan
2013KellyOnur Şatır
2014KellyŞatır / Venu Kalari
2015KellyŞatır / Kalari
2016KellyYanina Metodieva / Conor Byrne / Rok Nežič
2017KellyMetodieva / Byrne / Nežič
2018KellyMetodieva / Byrne / Nežič
2019KellyByrne / Nežič / Kerem Osman Çubuk / Michael Burton / Pablo Galan de Anta
2020KellyByrne / Nežič / Çubuk / Burton / Galan de Anta / Tom Watts / Edward Snowdon / Nived Vilangot Nhalil / Christopher Duffy / Gautham Sabhahit
2021KellyNežič / Snowdon / Çubuk / Burton / Snowdon / Jim McManus / Alice Humpage / Zuri Gray / Ethan Winch / Anna Taylor
2022KellyNežič / Çubuk / Humpage / Snowdon / Nhalil / Burton / Matthew McMahon


We would like to thank a number of people who have assisted the Met Records Project with typing of data and calibration, etc. They also helped create the old meteorological website.

Nigel Addis
Alan Coughlin
Ana M. García Suárez
Derek Johnston
Chloe Morrell
Eamon Boyle
Anne Donnelly
Aidan Grant
Shane Kelly
Brenda Morrow
Gareth Ryan
John Butler
Lorna Dougan
David Lennox
Martin Murphy
David Smyth
Mark Emerson
David Cardwell
David Fee
Deirdre McCabe
Erin Park
Kieran Hickey

These weather pages are the new and refreshed home of the AOP meteorological archives, history, and information.The refreshed look, the new content of these pages, and the improvements to the meteorological databases would not have been possible without the work of the following people:

Tom Watts
Shóna Gavin
Rok Nežič
Nathan Leeman
Michael Burton
Conor Byrne

We would also like to thank a number organisations for their support. Some of the meteorological database work has been made possible through a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Irish Soldiers and Sailors Land Trust provided funding for the calibration of the raw data. The Met Office has worked with us since its inception and has recently helped us set up the new automatic weather station.

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